Sights and Activities

Plan your visits

All the hinterland of Fokida (Phocis) and Aetolia is mountainous, wild and little inhabited. It is really advisable to go to discover it by car and on foot. There are countless villages (often abandoned) to traditional architecture, rivers, lakes and forests of pines or oak. It is truly paradise for those who like to walk and discover. For your explorations, use the maps found at the house.

The village of Skaloma

Skaloma, is a dream corner of the World, where the blue marries with the green; sparsely visited by the tourists it is an ideal location for those who love tranquility, relaxation and beautiful walks. There are also other activities, such as, hiking, fishing, diving, mountain biking and watersports (if you bring your own equipment). A small village, located west of the villa near the edge of the water. There are bistros where you can eat and drink. We advise you to walk on the path along the beach, after 7-8 pm. Its a beautiful walk. The path connects the village to Marathias.

Nafpaktos (Lepanto)

(20 minutes from the house) is a beautiful city with its old town, its port and its medieval castle. You'll find all sorts of services, cafes and restaurants, especially towards Gribovo (extension of the port to the east). In general the quality and the prices are correct. Psani (west side of the port) is the most modern part of the town. At the entrance of the city (when you are coming from Skaloma) on your left there is the Health Centre for any emergency. In case of a problem, you will go to the hospital in Rio which is just right after the bridge of Rio-Antirio from the side of Patras.

The village of Monastiraki

(7 minutes drive) is before Skaloma when you are coming from Nafpaktos and it is very picturesque. You can swim on the beach "Parathalasso" which is protected by the westerly winds. Before going to Monastiraki take the road to the hill on your right and go drink your coffee under the old plane tree of the central square of Efpalio. The village is beautiful with its old houses typical of the country and until recently it was the chief town of the Dime of Doride.

The sandy beach of Hiliadou

We go down to the village of Monastiraki, and we take the road that runs along the sea in the direction of Nafpaktos. You will see on your left, the large sandy beach of Hiliadou. Ideal for children.

The village of Marathias

This is the village located east of the house on the opposite side of Skaloma. You can walk on the path along the beach and it is 20 minutes away from the house. There, you will find a mini market, a kiosk (cigarettes, ice-creams), a butcher and a baker. There are good tavernas and cafes and a disco. We usually eat at "Melistas", in the middle of the village ( as we come from Skaloma). The prices and the quality in general are good. In Marathias you can swim almost anywhere. When the westerly winds are very strong there are no waves and you will be better off swimming there, rather than in Skaloma. In the hotels of Marathias (“Βlue and Green" and " Apollo Beach ") you can also drink your coffee and enjoy the pool which is free to the public. Swimming in front of us: there is a pebble beach, very pleasant when the winds do not blow from the west. Till 12 am it is shaded by eucalyptus trees and canes. Have a pair of plastic shoes with you. They are convenient to enter the water with. Beware of urchins! There are not that many but it is better not to walk on them.

The village of Sergoula, Glyfa and Spilia

Take the national road east towards Itea. Then take the first entrance on the right. You will come across the village of Sergoula. Go along the coast and you will see all the other villages that follow one another. From the port of Spilia shuttle ferries depart to the Trizonia Islands. The beach at the end of the village of Sergoula before Glyfa is beautiful (one of the most beautiful in the area), especially when it does not blow from the west, but unfortunately it is very crowded in August.

Islands of Trizonia DO NOT MISS!

They are in front of Glyfa and Spilia. Trizonia is the name of the main island (the big one) and St. John (Aϊ-Ghiannis) is the name of the little island . Aϊ-Ghiannis is not inhabited and you can only go by boat. If you want to swim on the main island, you have to follow the paths and find the wild beaches on the back side of the island. Eat in the taverns of the port. You will taste fish and delicious greek dishes. The islands offer beautiful walks, and the paths are crossing the island, but avoid to walk during the hot hours of the day.

The town of Galaxidi

It is a small picturesque town with its old traditional houses dating from the nineteenth century when the city was an important maritime center (30 minutes). Swim behind the pine trees you see on entering the port and everywhere on the beaches in the area . On the port you will see a lot of taverns, and cafes.

The archaeological site of Delphi

(1 hour and 30 min away) and the village which is just after Delphi, named Arahova. It is a cosmopolitan and picturesque village, with many cafes, restaurants, shops and services. You will find local products (carpets typical of the area, the “formaella” (local cheese), honey and other products.

More to do in our region

Visit the villages and the paths in the midst of pines and oaks, on the mountains of the mainland, named Orini Nafpaktia: Ano Hora, Kato Hora, Ampelakiotissa, Elatou ... These are little villages lost in the greenery of mountains of Orini Nafpaktia, ideal location for hiking and beautiful walks. (45 min-1h to Ano Hora from the house, and through Efpalio and Aspria). Ano Hora is the largest village in the area. You will find some small cafes and restaurants. Warning !! Fill up your tank before leaving. There is no gas station in the area ! Visit the oldest monasteries of our region: 1. Monastery of Ampelakiotissa 1.456 AD 2. Varnakova Monastery 1.077 AD : It is one of the oldest monastic retreats in Greece. 3. There are also other monasteries, but they are more recent. They are located in Trikorfo, Skala or Vomvokou (not far from Nafpaktos). Other villages to visit: Krokylio (1 hour from home): It is a picturesque village in the midst of pines with its old houses. From here you can go hiking (to the shelter "katafygio" or from the chapel "Theotokos" to the top of the mountain). Potidania-Tihio (3/4 from the house) ... After the village of Potidania there are paths going to the summit of the mountain, called Trikorfo. From there, you have a beautifull view on the Gulf of Corinth. The path is passing through forest and it is really beautiful. 3h walk till you reach the summit. Around Lake Mornos (about 1 hour of the house) there are villages lost in the forest of the mountains. One of the nicest to the north is Athanassios Diakos. You will also find excellent taverns. (Lidoriki → Lefkaditi → Mousounitsa → Athanassios Diakos) Historic town of Mesolonghi (1 hour from the house): pond and museums (Vasso Katraki museum in the town of Etoliko which is right next to Mesolonghi) Archaeological Site of Ancient Olympia ( 2 hours from the house) Other villages (Aetolia): Stranoma - Bridge of Artotiva (river of Evinos). From Nafpaktos you take the road towards Simos and you turn (long before Simos) left towards Stranoma. You descend to the river. There you will see the suspension bridge (called Kareli) which crosses the river of Evinos. If you cross it and you walk along the river to the north, you will see a confluence of Evinos and futher down, the old stone bridge of Artotiva. Very beautiful if the river has enough water: Do not miss it ! Platanos (Aetolia): You will take the road towards Simos and Platanos. This last village is one of the most beautiful and typical villages of the hinterland. Ask the locals for the key to the folk museum. DISTRACTIONS: At Hani Bania (type of bridge: Belley) on the river Evinos: Beautiful area. From Nafpaktos, take the road towards Thermo. It is about 16 km from Nafpaktos. Activities / outdoor sports: (white waters, sea kayak ..., hiking). Call to inquire and reserve your tickets! : http :// www. rafting house.gr http://www.action-team.gr mob. 6982310944 http://www.alpinclub.gr tel. ALPIN CLUB : 26340 29563,-4 ∕ mob. 6972811837 Paint ball before Nafpaktos in Malamata: mob. 6974 125425 -CLIMBING IN VARASSOVA: www.routes.gr/?Page=el/Climbing/Fields/Varasova-Kryoneri www.climbing-greece.com/about-climbing/general-climbing-info/.../254-varasova -Horse riding and other outdoor activities: in Makinia: Filippi Nafpaktou mob. 6973460703.